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The Ottawa Guild of Potters (OGP) is a not-for-profit organization which encourages the growth and development of the art of pottery.  The OGP encourages and maintains a high standard of artistic expression and craftsmanship and supports and also provides learning and sales opportunities for beginning potters.  The OGP acts as a medium for the exchange of ideas and technical information and organizes and promotes pottery and ceramic exhibitions, sales, demonstrations and workshops.  The organization is made up of professional and part-time potters, students, scholars, collectors, and admirers of the craft.

The OGP was formed in 1973 to create a sense of community for potters, to encourage professional development, and to foster an interest and appreciation of pottery in the Ottawa region.  From that handful of founding potters, some of whom are still members, the OGP has grown to a successful membership of active potters.  The OGP hosts two annual sales in spring and fall, and offers workshop opportunities to its members and all who are interested in furthering their skills in pottery.