Populace is a significant outdoor, ceramic art installation. It will recognize the people who lived in this area at the time of Confederation by creating thousands of ceramic feathers, roses and fleurs de lis, recognizing the Indigenous people, the English and the French.


The installation will be set on the grounds of its site partner, the Canadian Museum of Nature from June 17 2017 until September 4, 2017.  Each flower and feather is hand-built out of ceramic clay, fused with a lustrous light glaze and installed on individual rods on the Museum’s grounds.


Populace involves numerous individual and community ceramic groups, community centres and high schools that will contribute to the production and installation of the ceramic sculptures.  The installation will be open and free to the public.


Populace will delight visitors who can walk freely about the installation, take photographs and become immersed in the experience.  Populace is an initiative designed by the Ottawa Guild of Potters to highlight the ceramic arts for Canada’s 150th celebrations, to engage with the larger community to create a beautiful example of public art that can be enjoyed by thousands of visitors.


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